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We offer you the opportunity to have your last will and testament implemented without question. Video footage will be taken of you expressing exactly what it is that you would have be done, beginning with your last will and testament to your final resting place.  The program outline, your last wishes, and the entire memorial service will be orchestrated by you, by way of video.

PACKAGE 1/"Legacy Awards" - This package allows you to not only say your final good byes, but to dictate exactly how you would like your assets distributed among your loved ones. This package costs $300.00

PACKAGE 2/"The Memorial" - This package allows you to plan your memorial service from beginning to end. You decide if you are to be cremated, laid out, open or closed casket. You decide who speaks on your behalf and/or who doesn't speak. You decide whether your memorial service will be held in a church or another venue.  It is ALL up to you, right down to your final resting place! This package costs $700.00

PACKAGE 3/"Rest Assured" - This package combines your legacy and your memorial. You will receive a total package which includes your last will and testament and your final wishes for funeral arrangements. This package cost $1,200.00    


(All packages include free consultation)

*any changes made after order is processed are subject to $50.00 per hour maintenance fees

(One hour minimum)

*any order over a 25 mile radius is subject to $1.50 per gallon mileage fees

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